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Alex Stanton's icon, a stylised EVAU, meaning Elevating Australia.

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Alexander James Stanton
otherwise known as ELEVATING AUSTRALIA (born 15th May 1996) is an elevator filmer from Sydney, Australia.


Alex had an interest of elevators since he was young. He revived his hobby in 2009 after seeing DieselDucy's videos and started filming in 2010. He also films escalators, hotels, planes (mainly Qantas) and restaurants. He has also created lift tours. He has been to Brisbane (staying at the Gold Coast (usually at the Q1)) and Melbourne (staying at Crown Metropol (one of three hotels in Crown Casino)).

Devices Used

  • iPhone 4S (2012-2016)
  • iPhone 6S (2016-)


  • Alex Stanton's 100th and 200th videos are both of Australia's big casinos. The 100th video is Melbourne's Crown Casino and the 200th is Sydney's The Star (formerly Star City) He also revisited the Star for his 1st year anniversary (this time being a full lift tour).
  • His favourite elevator brand is Kone (as well as modern lift fixtures but not generic companies and fixtures other than Dewhurst or Liftronic).
  • His username is genericliftal (genericliftalex on Flickr and genericlift_alex on Instagram)
  • He often films in Sydney and Brisbane's office towers, hence referring to the term "Lift of Origin", a parody of the NRL game event "State of Origin". He also films towers in Melbourne and Perth as well as the Gold Coast; Australia's top 5 cities with skyscrapers.
  • The cities he films in contain buildings 150 metres or above. They include Sydney (his hometown), Melbourne, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. However he doesn't film in Adelaide as it contains buildings under 150 metres, but Samuel Hill (austelevators) films there; as well as Perth (as it is considered isolated).
  • His 300th video is a video of the Sydney Light Rail.
  • The Skyscraper Series is a series of filming lifts in major skyscrapers, but it has to be 150m+. You can check his playlists: here
  • His 400th video was Chifley Tower, Sydney's tallest building at 244m

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