Dover Buzz World Record was a small competition done by several elevator filmers in the YouTube Elevator Community.


The most-floors-served Dover buzz was first recorded by CaptainElevator42189 in one of the mid-rise elevators at the 31-story Hilton Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas[1]. This record was later broken on July 24, 2009 when musicfreakcc filmed the elevator at the 50-floor Viceroy Residences in Miami, Florida[2]. Later on, cannycart filmed the elevator at W Hotel in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It serves 54 floors and the buzzes were the quieter ones. After musicfreakcc and cannycart, several elevator filmers such as gluse, Darth Vator, Jaymie Treadwell, and a few others filmed a louder but shorter buzzes. Gluse's elevator has 3 floors, Darth Vader's elevator served 5 floors, Jaymie Treadwell's elevator served 2 floors. Now, Dieselducy has filmed a Dover buzz world record. The buzzes he recorded was in a staff elevator at the ten-story Roanoke Community Hospital in Roanoke, Virginia[3]. The buzz that he recorded was very long.

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