Elevator tour (often known as Lift tour, Tour of the lifts or Tour of elevators; sometimes called elevator marathon or rockin' the gauntlet) is a type of tour which an elevator filmer explores and film a different kind of elevators in one place, such as shopping malls, offices, airports, hospitals, etc. Elevator tours are usually done by one elevator filmer/photographer, and normally contains at least two or more elevators in one video.


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The elevator tour was founded by Beno in May 15, 2009[1]. This title was later to be used on only few American elevator flimers like TheElevatorChannel[2] and CaptainElevator42189[3] until 2012, RailCarADDE and CubsRule2040 has started to make their own elevator tours.


Elevator tour with map

This concept of elevator tour has a map of the building or certain area where the elevator tour was took place. Elevator tour maps are usually made using MS Paint or sometimes using AutoShapes or lines in Microsoft PowerPoint. In Beno's version, the maps are made with simple lines and small squares which indicates elevators. In mrmattandmrchay's and RailCarADDE's version, the maps are screenshots from Google Earth or Google Map sattelite map.

Elevator tour with title cards

This concept use several simple title cards which are used to describe the next featured elevators in the elevator tour video. An example of this concept was used by Sumosoftinc, TG97Elevators, and NingSama1vs100[4]

Elevator tour with both maps and title cards

Some users like benobve often combined both maps and title cards used on elevator videos.

Elevator tour titling

Elevator enthusiasts often try to make their lift tours more unique by having their own phrase used to describe it. Most famous of these is benobve, who uses the phrase "_______ - IT'S LIFT TOUR TIME!" in his videos. Other popular phrases include:

Other enthusiasts (Which also previously included benobve and Alex Ellis) just use the generic "Tour of the lifts at ______".

Notable Elevator Tour Creators


  • The longest elevator tour video in the elevator community currently is the tour of elevators and escalators around Surabaya, Indonesia, uploaded by TG97Elevators in February 2016. The video duration is 2 hours, 30 minutes and 1 second[9]
    • The previous longest elevator tour in was an elevator tour at Danderyd Hospital in Sweden which was uploaded by RailCarADDE on December 13, 2014. The video duration is 1 hour, 24 minutes and 5 seconds[10]


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