Ems318 is an elevator filmer from Atlanta GA.


Ems318 opened his YouTube account on June 17, 2008 and uploaded his first elevator video on the same day. In July 2009, he filmed some elevators in the Czech Republic. Also, he started to film trains at that same time. A year later in July 2010, he traveled to Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia.  And then in September 2012, he traveled to North Carolina.  Also he was in Florida 3 times. He filmed his first car wash video in September 2013, and just over two months later in November, he traveled to St. Louis, Missouri just for a day trip to ride the elevators of the Gateway Arch.

Camera History

  • Unknown(2007).
  • FujiFilm [unknown model] (2008 - July 4 2011).
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC W570 (July 4 2011 - April 10 2013).
  • Sony Handycam DCR SX85 (August 4 2012 - October 16 2015).
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX10 (April 10 2013 - May 5 2015).
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX30 (May 5 2015 - Current).
  • Sony Handycam HDR CX440 (October 16 2015 - Current).


  • He filmed the elevator at the Georgia governor's mansion.
  • He also likes trains.
  • His name is Eric.

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