FANDOM (formerly known as Lift Information Net, Chinese: 電梯資料網) is a Hong Kong-based website that contains general information about elevators, escalators and other related-things (like platform lift) that originate from Hong Kong, China. The site does not support English language and supports Chinese only, but it can be translated using an online translator.


The site was originally a personal website which was published in 2003. It was created by Ray Hung due to interest in joining part of the elevator. It was later supported by friends and the site was launched in 2005 specializing elevator pages. At that time, the information released on the site was still small, but it was later developed by three users (nicknamed Hacken, Chicken and Shan) by adding a significant amount of information, and thus the site is being developed over the next few years

The site originally was not hosted in a paid web hosting, due to not have the ability to set a custom domain, lack of storage space, traffic restrictions and limitation of web development. Later, the site entered through a paid hosting service but still has a lack of application. In 2006, Ray Hung finally set the domain name on a paid hosting service.

Nowadays, two of the four founders have obtained a job working in the elevator companies, and the information will be more detail than parts of the site still in initial development.

Site content

The site contains general information about elevators and escalators, a list of all registered elevator and escalator manufacturers, elevator maintenance procedure and other things (like Elevator Inspection Certificate). It also has an active discussion forum powered by Discuz! and has more than 400 registered members (as of April 2012).


  • The site's members have filmed elevators in Paris, London, Japan and Taipei.
  • They also have a YouTube channel under the same name.
  • One of the site's members are actually elevator filmers, for example Vincent561967 and otis401shan.[2]
  • At least two of the site's members are actually being an elevator mechanic.
  • The "elevator structure" diagram is quoted to most of the elevator companies in Hong Kong, China for training purpose, with several medias and residential committee's conference.
    • As the reason above, the printable version of the "elevator structure" diagram with the local terms and English name of the devices were opened to public, which updated in February 17, 2017[3].

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