Jimwoodward1212 (born 1992) is an elevator filmer from England.


Jimwoodward1212 opened his YouTube account on July 10, 2008. When he opened his account, he uploaded videos of BBC intros. In 2009, he started to film elevators and he uploaded his first elevator video on July 27, 2009. Once year, he films elevators in France. Also he filmed some elevators in the United States in 2010 and 2012. Jimwoodward1212 films his elevator videos with a FLIP camera.


  • The length of most of his elevator videos is less than a minute.
  • He uploads elevator videos in a very high frequency.
  • He has an antique 1933 Westminster chime mantle clock.
  • He is the first filmer in the elevator community that filmed an rotating elevator.[1]

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