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This page list the countries where elevator filmers are from country that used to be a different country


Portugal Flag of Portugal.svg

Macau 800px-Flag of the Government of Portuguese Macau (1976-1999).svg

  • Spyridon Kakouris

Soviet Union 800px-Flag of the Soviet Union.svg-1-

Russian SFSR Flag of Russian SFSR.svg

  • 444666qaz
  • Тим Новицкий
  • Павел Костюхин
  • DAViDiKp1
  • Liftmeh
  • MihasAlpha
  • Windeelv20

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Flag of the United Kingdom-1-

England 800px-Flag of England.svg-1-

  • benobve
  • funcik1
  • George Pake
  • Jimwoodward1212
  • Joshua Leuty
  • KoneliftmanUK
  • konemseries12
  • Liftdragonuk
  • mrmattandmrchay
  • realxpainxtheory
  • schindlerteejay94

Hong Kong600px-Flag of Hong Kong 1959.svg-1-

  • bearchoirfan
  • ChickenNg18
  • cbtf3student
  • GeorgeMak23081993
  • hz6761
  • SimonChau1993
  • verylike1
  • Vincent561967
  • Lift Wong

Isle of Man 600px-Flag of the Isle of Man.svg-1-

  • Joes LiftChannel

North Ireland UNKG0103-1-

  • nathanandrews100
  • Belfast

Scotland 800px-Flag of Scotland.svg-1-

Wales 800px-Flag of Wales 2.svg-1-

  • coolsputnik

West Germany 250px-Flag of Germany.svg-1-

North Rhine-Westphalia 800px-Flag of North Rhine-Westphalia.svg-1-

West Germany or East Germany 250px-Flag of Germany.svg-1- 800px-Flag of German Democratic Republic.svg-1-

  • FynnLasseKiel
  • OldElevNew
  • Schindler7000