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This is a list elevators in the world that are widely known throughout the elevator community. These elevators are either known for being unique, in buildings that have been filmed by a lot of elevator enthusiasts due to the building being a popular destination, elevators that have gotten many views on YouTube by one or more elevator enthusiast(s), or always featured in various media (such as movies, TV programs, music videos, etc.), thus motivating other elevator photographers to film them.



Four Season Racquet Club Hotel (Lake Ozark, MO, United States)

The fitness center elevator at the Four Season Racquet Club Hotel in Lake Ozark, Missouri is famous in the elevator community due to its rattling rides, tripple-chimes, worn out fixtures and best of all the abused Impulse floor indicator. As of July 2014, the elevator has been improved. It was filmed by TheElevatorChannel from 2009 to 2014.

Market Parking Garage (Roanoke, VA, United States)

These two Dover elevators were first filmed in 2008 by dieselducy and he made them famous by getting "stuck" in these elevators. On later takes, however, he did things to make it seems like the elevators were behaving in weird manners that were different every time he revisited them. One of these was where the motor would start up when the elevator was stationary and would turn off when the elevator cab starting moving upwards. On another take he used a stop-run key switch to make it seem like anytime he said "stop", the elevator would stop and when he said "go", the elevator would start moving again. Even though these elevators only had a few glitches and not many anymore, they are still constantly revisited and have become a staple to elevator photographer meetups with dieselducy in Roanoke, VA.

Palace Hotel (Myrtle Beach, SC, United States)

The three Dover elevators in the Palace Hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina have been considered death-trap in the elevator community due to their noisy rides. They were first filmed by crapper1 and later by escalatorgeek881 in 2008[1].

In Early 2018, the Elevators at the Palace were replaced by a Generic Company known as Cavinder Elevator.

Roosevelt Field Mall (Garden City, NY, United States)

One of two Dover scenic elevators at Roosevelt Field Mall is famous for its loud "Chewbacca" Dry-powered hydraulic motor; the other has a quieter motor and was nicknamed "Chewie Junior". It is another overfilmed elevator, and it was filmed by suzzex (who also visited the machine room), ih8escalators, PinePowerLI, ih8thyssenkrupp, SchindlerHaughton, LongIslandElevators, and suejoshappy. Until the elevators removed in the renovations at late 2015.[2]

Express Lift/GEC Express Lift

Kwai Tsing Theatre (Hong Kong, China)

Kwai Tsing Theatre is the government-owned performance theatre in Kwai Chung. with only one public Express Lift elevator serving floors LG (formerly UG), G and 1. The floors between LG and G with just only 4 steps, obtaining the shortest distance between floors are served by the single elevator. For the reason mentioned, the elevator doors installed in the elevator car with 90 degrees arrangement. Stated by the hkelev.com[3]. Not later than 2007, it got the first refurbishment to comply the "Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 1997" standard[4]. Which was incorrectly pronounced the Lecture Room floor (UG) as upper ground floor, while the main floor is actually built higher than the Lecture Room floor. The second refurbishment implemented not later than 2015, to comply the "Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008" standard. Which was correctly pronounced as the Lecture Room and changed the floor number to LG[5][6] (both floor announcement were provided by Tonic Electronic Engineering). Many local elevator photographers were filmed this elevator.

Tower 42 (London, England, United Kingdom)

Tower 42 is the third-tallest skyscraper in the City of London and the eighth tallest in Greater London. Its original name was the NatWest Tower, having been built to house the National Westminster Bank's international division. Seen from above, the shape of the tower resembles that of the NatWest logo (three chevrons in a hexagonal arrangement). It was built between 1971 and 1980, first occupied in 1980, and formally opened on 11 June 1981 by Queen Elizabeth II. The tower is home to high-speed Express Lifts, including some Double-Deck elevators. Sadly, the elevators have now been modernized by Otis (except the elevator from level P to 42, which first appeared from the elevatorbobs-elevator-pics.com[7] website. Only Beno has actually filmed the lift[8]). They also appeared briefly in a TV Episode of Top Gear, in which the presenters were involved in a cross-Europe race to the top of Tower 42.


Youth Square (Hong Kong, China)

Youth Square is a government-owned building in Chai Wan, which is a building almost completely open to public. Many local elevator photographers have filmed the main and freight elevators, as they are easily accessible from the main lobby in level 1. However, only Kone590 has ever film the elevators in the hostel part of the building (which called as Y-Loft) due to security reason[9].


Changi Airport (Singapore)

Airports are great places to find elevators, and they're often well known. Singapore's Changi Airport has many Hitachi MRL and Traction Elevators in Terminals 1 & 3 and Schindler 5500 MRL elevators in Terminals 1 & 4. Meanwhile in Terminal 2 there are only some modernized Mitsubishi and few additional ThyssenKrupp elevators. The ALEX ELLIS Channel, mailerdiablo (the first person who filmed the elevators in there), Jessy Elevators, NingSama, TG97Elevators, IDLift3000 and many others have filmed these elevators over the years.

Kawasaki More's (Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan)

The shortest escalator in the world (also known as Puchicalator), which the length is just only 83.4 centimeters tall, certified by Guinness World Records, is located here. Beside the world's shortest escalator, there are some Hitachi elevators which had just recently modernized to newer ones. The elevators were filmed by e233100.

The EmQuartier (Bangkok, Thailand)

In The EmQuartier, there is one of elevator bank that elevator cars are installed with red lighting, which is viral in social networks and websites in Thailand because a lot of people came to take a photo inside the red elevator. However, they changed the light from red to normal white light soon after possibly because people who uses elevators in these bank may become dizzy due to red lighting and red mirrored cab.

These elevators have been filmed by NingSama and MelvinMan10 and photographed by Worapot25 before the lighting was changed. Then Tamovie1975, Jessy Elevators, Khup Elevators and Offtopic, Oak TheElevator Hunter, TRG, GlobalLifts and NingSama filmed (in NingSama's case, retaken) after the light was changed from red to white.

These elevators were also appeared in a local original web series "I Hate You, I Love You" in a famous Sol's elevator waiting scene.[10]

Next to the shopping mall is the Bhiraj Tower at EmQuartier, world's first turnstiles-integrated Hitachi DFRS elevators.


Pluit Village (Jakarta, Indonesia)

The elevators in Pluit Village (formerly Megamall Pluit) were famous for their unusual behaviors, such as refusing hall calls and bugged floor indicators as well as glitched controllers. Some of them were slow, had their buttons wrongly installed and even a "door disease" was happened[11].

In 2014, all the elevators (excluding the ones inside Matahari Dept. Store) were modernized. The scenic elevators were modernized by Hyundai and the service elevators were modernized by Pillar. However, the service elevators are in relatively poor condition.

As of September 25, 2016, the scenic elevators are being replaced into Pillar elevators and they are no longer bottom drive traction (the new machines are now on top of the shaft but there is no machine room above).

All of these elevators were first filmed by sumosoftinc in 2012, and have been filmed many times by him. Also in 2014, the newly modernized service elevators have also been filmed by JS98 Productions as part of his meetup with sumosoftinc[12]. Other people who have filmed the elevators are TG97Elevators, JC 95 Elevators and VR303 REBORN.


Sentinel Office Centre (Roanoke, VA, United States)

Like many famous elevators in Roanoke, this elevator was first filmed and popularized by Dieselducy in late 2008. It is known for being manufactured by an independent elevator brand, being a vintage early 1960s elevator that is still original, and having a cool motor sound. This is another common elevator for enthusiasts visiting Roanoke to film during meet-ups with Andrew.


Farmers Department Store, Lambton Quay (Wellington, New Zealand)

A set of two KONE Monospace 3000S elevators carry people between three floors of department store, but also go on upwards as an essential link between Lambton Quay and Morrison Kent House on The Terrace, a street on a hillside 7 floors above Lambton Quay. These elevators feature KDS 300-AUS fixtures. Many have filmed these Ecodisc's, including The_ALEX_ELLIS_Channel (who first found them), WaygoodOtis, NZ Lifts, T3224 Elevators and more.

London Science Museum (London, England, United Kingdom)

At the London Science museum among the many different lifts is the set of two Kone scenic elevators, which were installed in 1994 in the center of the main building. The elevators are bottom-drive traction and the motor room (beside the shaft in the basement) is made of glass as a part of exhibition set-up by the museum to showcase how elevators work (makes sense, as it is technically a scientific thing...). In 2014, these elevators were modernized by Kone and the fixtures were replaced with KSS 140. The motors are still bottom-drive traction, but have been replaced with Kone EcoDisc motors. The door components remain original. These elevators were filmed by (either pre or post mod) local elevator photographers such as Beno, Anjasomc and foreign elevator photographers such as RailCarADDE and Alex_Ellis. These elevators are also be a part of Europe elevator's introduction, provided by hkelev.com[13].

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

This stunning hotel consists of three towers with an open air observation deck called "Sky Park" and an infinity edge pool on the top of these towers, served by Kone ultra high speed elevators in each towers serving 56 floors. These Kone elevators were installed using JumpLift method which allows the elevators to be installed during the building was being constructed until the final top-off, and also the first elevators to be using UltraRope technology. They were first filmed by ElevationLowJJ in 2010 and later by IDLift3000 in February 2011. Other members of the elevator community such as the now-no-longer-exist masterelevatordriver, TheMendozaBradley , circleline28, Khup Pfeifer, NingSama, Art Narak and crafthuntergaming later filmed these elevators. mailerdiablo had also film one of the elevators in one of the towers but he didn't film the main elevators, he only filmed the low-rise MonoSpace elevators. Jessy Elevators has also film one of the elevators in the complex. However, he filmed only elevators in a shopping complex in lower floors of this building.

Trump Tower (Chicago, IL, United States)

MTR HKU Station (Hong Kong, China)

Q1 (Gold Coast, Australia)

A single 9 metres per second Kone Alta elevator serving the observation deck. This elevator have been filmed by many in the elevator community, including Alex Stanton, RowanLifts and NZ Lifts, due to its status as one of Australia's fastest elevators.

The Shard (London, England, United Kingdom)

These ultra high-speed elevators are found in what is now the tallest building in London - The Shard (Short for "A Shard of Glass"). The Shard opened in February 2013, and is an 87-storey skyscraper in London that forms part of the London Bridge Quarter development. The tower's privately operated observation deck, The View from The Shard, was opened to the public on 1 February 2013. Despite being made by Kone, all of the lifts use Dewhurst buttons. These lifts have been filmed by many UK and International lift filmers, including Jimwoodward1212, Chris W and funcik1.

Holiday Inn Express Surabaya CenterPoint (Surabaya, Indonesia)

Main article : KSS-280 World Record

On this 16-story hotel, there are a set of two KONE elevators installed in 2013. These elevators are considered to be the tallest KONE EcoDiscs which uses KSS-280 fixtures. These elevators has been filmed in 2016 by the (now inactive) elevator filmer from Surabaya, Reza.

Myer, Westfield Liverpool (Sydney, Australia)

A single Kone MonoSpace 3000S serving Myer and two upper parking levels. This elevator's voice has been assigned the nickname "Westfield Liverpool voice". It has been filmed by a few elevtor filmers in the past also.


Mitsubishi elevators are rare in the U.S., so whenever American elevator photographers find them, they usually get heavily over-filmed. This is not the case in other countries, mostly in Asia.

Apple Store, Michigan Avenue (Chicago, IL, United States)

BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) (Chicago, IL, United States)

Caesars Palace (Las Vegas, NV, United States)

The Mitsubishi elevators at Augustus Tower, Caesars Palace

Canary Wharf (London, England, United Kingdom)

The two sets (two elevators in one set) of Mitsubishi traction elevators, and one single hydraulic elevator, can be found in the shopping centre at Canary Wharf, London. They were filmed first by Beno under his Canary Wharf lift tour's[14]. After he did that, funcik1 filmed his standalone elevator videos in this place. For these reasons, more local elevator photographers have filmed these elevators (including Beno, which was revised in 2011[15]).

CentralPlaza Bangna and Central City Tower (Bangkok, Thailand)

The elevators in CentralPlaza Pinklao are famous for the most overfilmed elevators in eastern bangkok. Elevators in this place were first filmed by Tamovie1975, then MelvinMan10 made elevators in this building famous by filming some bank of them, even sent high-rise elevator in Central City Tower to Elevator of the Year 2015 contest. This building complex was filmed by MelvinMan10, Tamovie1975, NingSama, Jessy Elevators, Oak TheElevator Hunter, Nicky Wedemeyer (Only CentralPlaza Bangna) and Art Narak (Only Central City Tower).

All elevators in this buildings were being refurbished by Mitsubishi and replaced by thyssenkrupp and Otis since 2017, starting from Central Department Store elevators[16], then service elevator[17] and carpark elevators[18] (As of October 2017).

CentralPlaza Pinklao (Bangkok, Thailand)

Like CentralPlaza Bangna cases, elevators in this place are famous to be overfilmed in western Bangkok. These elevators were filmed by Supakard, NingSama, MelvinMan10, Bally Elevator, Jessy Elevators and Oak TheElevator Hunter.

Empire Tower (Bangkok, Thailand)

The tallest office building in Thailand has a load of Mitsubishi elevators with American black round buttons and Asian late 90s-early 2000s fixtures, which is unique in South East Asia. However, all of the main elevators were turnstiled. Only NingSama has filmed all elevators in this building, with an exception of service elevators. MelvinMan10, Oak TheElevator Hunter, TleFlip and TRG has also filmed in this building as well, but they filmed only Em Space elevators due to security reasons.

Gloucester Tower (Hong Kong, China)

The Gloucester Tower (being a part of The Landmark commercial complex) was built in 1980. Installed with the high-speed Mitsubishi elevators and separated as four zones and service elevators. However, they modernize the elevators in 2009, and firstly implemented the full configuration of the Mitsubishi Destination Oriented Allocation System (or DOAS) outside Japan (also the first implemented in Hong Kong). For these reasons, hkelev.com updated its webpage[19] and the local elevator photographers discussed[20] about this. This also making Vincent Chong being the first elevator photographers discovered this system. Several foreign elevator photographers filmed the elevators in this building. In facts, Vincent Chong is the only elevator photographer which filmed the original Mitsubishi Electric elevators in this building.

Hysan Place at Lee Gardens (Hong Kong, China)

The Double-deck elevators installed in the Hysan Place at Lee Gardens, Causeway Bay which was the first Mitsubishi double-deck elevators implemented other than Japan (also the first implemented in Hong Kong). For these reasons, hkelev.com updated its webpage[21] and the local elevator photographers discussed[22] about this. Vincent Chong[23] has first filmed these elevators, then circleline28[24], JW HT, leungyc3, HJ2127, Lift Wong and NingSama[25] have filmed them.

JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Hotel (Downtown Los Angeles, CA, United States)

These elevators are Mitsubishi's only downtown LA installation. They have unique vandal resistant fixtures and have "bumper" sensors, unique to Mitsubishi elevators.

Hotel Nikko (San Fransisco, CA, United States)

This hotel is one of several buildings in the state having Mitsubishi elevators. All the elevators in the Hotel Nikko San Fransisco were installed by Mitsubishi in the 1990s. They were possibly first filmed by alpalJL, later NationalElevators and other elevator enthusiasts began filming the elevators there. This is also the place where dieselducy rode and filmed a Mitsubishi elevator for the first time in 2014[26].

ITC Cempaka Mas (Jakarta, Indonesia)

These elevators were made famous by amarvasandani with so many retakes. Then, Jimmy Santoso and VR303 Elevators filmed these elevators in 2012

Lotte Shopping Avenue - Ciputra World Jakarta (Jakarta, Indonesia)

This huge shopping center has Mitsubishi MRL elevators that have been filmed by many Indonesian elevator filmers such as sumosoftinc, IDLift3000, Amarvasandani, TG97Elevators, Orisa Pradito (recently), etc. There are 12 main elevators divided into 6 elevator lobbies. Each elevator lobby contains only two elevators. The 6 elevator lobbies are named "Satrio", "Avenue", "Mega Kuningan", "Love", "Losa" and "Cupid". Next to this shopping center is the DBS Tower, which has Indonesia's first Schindler PORT elevators.

King Power MahaNakhon (Bangkok, Thailand)

Siam Paragon (Bangkok, Thailand)

The very famous shopping center in Bangkok has many Mitsubishi GPS-III elevators that have been filmed by countless local filmers. This building is first filmed by Sumosoftinc in 2011, then MelvinMan10 made it famous to be the first local elevator filmer to film elevators there in 2012. Then many local filmers in both of Bangkok and other cities, including NingSama, Oak TheElevator Hunter, Jessy Elevators, Khup Elevators and Offtopic, etc. have filmed them. Nowadays, it is considered as one of the landmark for elevator filming in Bangkok. The other one is CentralWorld, which not far from this mall.

Terminal 21 Asok (Bangkok, Thailand)

The shopping center in Bangkok is famous to be the only retail building to be fully allowed photography in Bangkok. This building has three scenic elevators with glass doors and four non-scenic elevators. All of them are Mitsubishi Elenessa with stainless steel buttons, which are quite rare in Thailand. Elevators is this place were filmed by many local elevator filmers (and even world-famous Heritage Elevators when on his vacation trip in Thailand, which filmed with NingSama[27][28], and Elevatorman 2005). However, not many elevator filmers have filmed service elevators in this building, only Supakard, G T2KJS and NingSama (who undisclosed the name of the building for some reasons) have filmed them.

ThePlaza Office Tower (Jakarta, Indonesia)

This office tower which is just behind Plaza Indonesia have Mitsubishi DOAS hybrid configuration destination dispatch elevators from 2009. These elevators were first filmed by TG97Elevators in 2013 and later, sumosoftinc and amarvasandani started to film these elevators. These elevators are also famous for being the world's first Mitsubishi DOAS elevators with integrated security system on turnstiles, which lets people who want to use elevators tap the building's RFID cards on one of the turnstiles' card reader and the system will then tell them which elevator car to take, displayed on a screen placed in one end of the turnstiles.

The Pan Pacific Singapore (Singapore)

This 36 storey hotel has scenic elevators on both the inside and outside the building. They were installed by Mitsubishi in 1984 but they were later modernized by 9G Elevators in the 2000s with Shanghai STEP fixtures. The exterior scenic elevators gives a spectacular view of downtown Singapore and because of this, many elevator filmers have filmed these elevators. mailerdiablo was the first to film the exterior scenic elevators in 2009 on nighttime, then followed by ATITANIC1992, ElevationLowJJ, masterelevatordriver in 2010, IDLift3000 in 2015, TG97Elevators and NingSama in 2016. masterelevatordriver have also filmed the interior scenic elevators but in mid 2011 he deleted his YouTube account and thus his videos are no longer available. As of today, only IDLift3000, NingSama and TG97Elevators have filmed and uploaded the interior scenic elevators onto YouTube after masterelevatordriver.

Umeda Hankyu Office Tower (Osaka, Japan)

The five shuttle elevators serving 1 and 15 are best known as the largest scenic elevators in the world. They are capable to carry 5250 kg of freight or 80 persons. These elevators have been filmed by mohito2012, tomueki, another437, Elevatorboy1000 and Lausanne5874. Later, mailerdiablo has filmed and uploaded elevators there, becoming the first international elevator filmer to film them.[29] After that, more elevator filmers such as NingSama[30] and TRG Lifts have filmed them.


The Gateway Arch (St. Louis, MO, United States)


Aon Center (Chicago, IL, United States)

This 80-floor tower is known to have double-decker elevators throughout the entire tower. The highest bank (68-80) has Schindler PORT, while the other banks still have Adams WN.

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit (Bangkok, Thailand)

This 45-floor hotel is famous for using Otis with custom touchscreen fixtures, which color of the buttons and arrow inside touchscreen panel can be altered by days of the week. (Eg. Red for Sunday, Pink for Tuesday etc.) Elevators in this building made first debut on YouTube by NingSama. She even sent the main elevators to Elevator of the Year 2015, but lost in round 2. Later, Art Narak has also filmed the high rise one.

Bank Centre (Hong Kong, China)

The six 1974 Otis elevators built in the 24-storey main tower. The service elevator (Lift S1) also equipped with the 90 degrees doors arrangement. Not much local elevator photographer noticed (except bearchoirfan[31]) that until 2016. The elevators in the tower was noticed by IDLift3000. As the result, several local elevator photographers were also filmed these elevators after the video appeared. IDLift3000, NingSama and Heritage Elevators are the only three foreign elevator photographers filmed the service elevator in this building.

6 elevators within main tower were being replaced by Otis in 2017 to 2020[32].

Battle Hall (Austin, TX, United States)

Installed in circa 1910 and refreshed 30 years later, this is one of the most well known elevators at the University of Texas at Austin and one of the most well known vintage Otis in the nation. This elevator features an automatic scissor gate barrier, fire service, and black buttons on the call station and COP. This elevator has been filmed by GucciPowerGrizzlyBearDopeAF, DoverElevatorFan1, gluse, CaptainElevator42189, STL Elevators, JimLiElevators, and Dieselducy.

Burj Khalifa (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Formerly the fastest elevators in the world.

Cherry-Commerce Garage (Grand Rapids, MI, United States)

In May 2020 QuarioQuario54321 posted a video of himself licking the elevator buttons. He gained widespread notoriety in the elevator community after that.

Deutsche Bank Place (Sydney, Australia)

These glass lifts are ultra-fast and travel at 7 metres per second to Level 34. They were filmed by Jaymie Treadwell, austelevators and Alex Stanton. While Jaymie started on the top floor (due to security) austelevators and Alex Stanton have filmed from the lobby. The security levels can be high but both mentioned got the lifts when there was low security. Alex re-uploaded the videos under a skyscraper lift series.

Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

Hakodate Community Design Center (Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan)

The only manually controlled elevator left preserved in North Tohoku Region/South Hokkaido is famous in both of Japanese elevator community and even Hakodate Tourism.[33] This elevator is operated by staff, which often tell a story about different things. The first generation elevator was installed in 1921 when it was a department store. However, because of fire, it was replaced to second generation in 1934. This elevator was filmed by North Eagle, Snorkitty and several non-elevator filmers.

Hampstead Underground Station (London, England, United Kingdom)

A set of truly awesome, fast (3.5 m/s ) 1970's Otis elevators, located at the deepest station on the London Underground network. Sadly these elevators were replaced with Accord (generic) lifts in 2014. The classic lifts have been filmed by many, most famously Beno, who was the last one to film the original lifts before their modernisation.

Harbour Centre, 2 Eaton Street (Hampton, VA, United States)

The tallest building in Hampton is an office building with three Otis Elevonic 401 scenic elevators from 1987. Dieselducy has filmed these back in 2011, and his video from here has been one of his most viewed on his channel. In 2016/2017, Dieselducy went back here and one of the scenic elevators has since been modernized. Another one has since been modernized in 2018.

Harrods Department Store (London, England, United Kingdom)

One of the most famous places in London, with some of the most famous lifts in the country. Harrods is still running it's old set of six 1900's OTIS lifts in the center of the building. When the elevators were original, they were manually controlled, but were rebuilt and converted to automatic some time in the early 2000's (by KONE), with proper automatic doors fitted. Recently, the lifts have had the glass removed from the inner doors, as they have now been sped up from 2m/s to 3m/s, which was causing some people to get nausea in the lifts. The buttons have also had new LED's put in, and new LCD indicators on the inside. Despite these mods, most of the lifts cab features remain original, making these lifts popular with countless elevator filmers from all around the world!

Hotel Borobudur (Jakarta, Indonesia)

In this hotel, there are eight 1970s Otis high speed elevators that have been modernized by Otis in the 1990s into Elevonic 411 M. These elevators were filmed by Ray Krislianggi in 2010 and are famous for having automated female voices, Series 3 fixtures and the Otis pre-leveling (also known as "classic leveling" by many elevator enthusiasts). A few years later, TG97Elevators, Rafi Daniswara and andrew filmer (formerly andrew98273) filmed these elevators. There are also five modernized Otis service elevators with Dewhurst US90 buttons and these elevators have been filmed by Rafi Daniswara in 2012. As of 2014, the main elevators now have keycard readers fitted inside and the 4th floor have been changed to 3A. Also, the automated female voices have since gone[34], probably because of the 4th floor has been changed to 3A and therefore the original 1990s voices cannot be reprogrammed to say "3A". Wing III of this hotel has one Otis elevator from the 1960s, modernized in the 1990s with Asian Lexan buttons. Other than the fourteen elevators, there are also two elevators located in the Grand Manhattan annex. One of the elevators is an LG and the other is an Otis with black 3200 buttons. Nobody has ever filmed these two elevators (YouTube user TG97Elevators had joyrided them once in 2014, but never filmed them due to the joyride happened when he took a break from filming elevators).

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski (Jakarta, Indonesia)

This historic hotel that sits in the central of Jakarta has elevators installed by Otis. Sumosoftinc is the first person who have filmed the elevators in there in 2012, followed by TG97Elevators, yeni aprilia and few other people. In June 2016, Eiffel Vale. stayed in this hotel and both TG97Elevators and JC 95 Elevators went there to film together.

Hotel Indonesia was opened in 1962 and closed in the 2000s for a massive renovation. It was reopened in 2009 after Kempinski Hotel Group took over the management. These elevators were originally 1960s Otis elevators.

Hyatt Regency (Atlanta, GA, United States)

The Otis scenic elevators at the Hyatt Regency have been filmed countless times and have become very famous due to the the fact that dieselducy and musicfreakcc filmed them in 2007, making these videos some of the earliest hobby-based elevator videos uploaded to YouTube. Dieselducy also filmed them when he went to Atlanta to film his first elevators in 1993, making it one of the first elevators to ever be filmed for hobby-related purposes[35]. For these reasons, these elevators have significantly contributed to the founding of the elevator community. Also, these elevators go up to the polaris restaurant on the roof, which dieselducy first recorded in his 1993 take of the elevators but since this restaurant was closed from 2004-2014, before these elevators became extremely famous, no other elevator filmers were able to go to that floor for a whole decade. However, since its reopening in 2014, the polaris level is no longer permanently restricted. Ems318 and Magnolia State Elevators were the first elevator enthusiasts in 21 years to record a video going up to this floor and in the future, other elevator enthusiasts going to film here will very likely take trips to this level.

John Hancock Center (Chicago, IL, United States)

The 3 elevators going up to the Observatory and the Signature Room are known to be the fastest elevators in North America. In 2018, the cables in one of the elevators snapped and the emergency brakes came into gear around the 11th floor.

JPMorgan Chase Tower (Houston, TX, United States)

In the JPMorgan Chase Tower in Houston, there are six sky lobby elevators that go up to the 60th floor. The skylobby elevators has been filmed by hcp051000, JimLiElevators, ttngidoc, and alexmcferren. Also, the building itself is also famous for being the tallest five-sided building in the world.

Macy's Walt Whitman Mall (Huntington Station, NY, United States)

An elevator known for it's terrible noises and start-ups, many elevator filmers have filmed this or ridden it. It is mostly ridden and filmed by ih8escalators and SchindlerHaughton. Jokes are made constantly about this death-trap-evator. It's worst known noise is when it started up at leveling speed at floor 2, then kicking into full gear in between floors. It's current condition is unknown.

Marriott Marquis (Atlanta, GA, United States)

The Otis Elevonic 401 scenic elevator system serving floors 42-47 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis has been filmed countless times by various elevator photographers (such as dieselducy[36] and musicfreakcc[37]) and non-elevator photographers (such Skyscraper Simulator founder, Ryan Thoryk[38]), but they are worth it. These elevators have as much thrill potential as a roller coaster since the hotel's atrium was the tallest in the world when it was completed in 1985 and the elevators span the entire height of it and were the fastest of their type. They are still perhaps the world's tallest and fastest open-atrium scenic elevators (taller atriums have been built since, but none of them have any open-atrium scenic elevators). These are also the most important elevators to the founding of elevator filming/photography/enthusiasm as a hobby because these were the elevators that dieselducy, founder of the elevator community, read about in a National Geographic article that helped him come up with the idea of filming elevators since the article fascinated him about these elevators while looking at a video camcorder on an A/V cart at the same time, sparking an interest in him to go to Atlanta to film his first elevators. Thus despite the fact that the Hilton Atlanta outdoor scenic elevators were the first elevators he actually filmed on his trip to Atlanta in 1993, making those the first to be filmed for hobby-related purposes, it was these elevators that he mainly went to Atlanta to film.

All passengers traction elevators in this building were being modernized by Otis since 2015.[39]

Nix Professional Building (San Antonio, TX, United States)

In the Nix Professional Building in San Antonio, Texas, there are five Otis Autotronic elevators, four passenger elevators and one service elevator. They were filmed by dieselducy and again by JimLiElevators. These elevators are famous for running off a glitchy controller, stopping at almost every floor, and being heavily used at various times of the day.

One Island East (Hong Kong, China)

For the Schindler single-deck elevators in the same building, see the same building in Schindler section.

Apart from the Schindler single-deck elevators in this building, There also provide six Otis "Super Double Deck" double-deck elevators with pantograph between decks served between ground and 37 in lower deck, and 1 and 38 in upper deck for the two level skylobbies. As this system was firstly implemented in Hong Kong, hkelev.com and Otis Elevator Company (Hong Kong) updated their webpage[21][40] and the local elevator photographers discussed[41] about this. Many local elevator photographers (and even Thai elevator filmer NingSama[42]) also filmed these[43][44].

Rush Rhees Library (Rochester, NY, United States)

In the stacks at the University of Rochester's Rush Rhees Library, there is a semi-original gated Otis elevator from around 1930 that has been filmed by numerous people, including jimster586, DieselDucy, and musicfreakcc, just to name a few. Like many of the elevators listed on this page, it is very overfilmed and is losing its epicness because of it.

Sunscape Ixtapa (Ixtapa, Mexico)

In the Sunscape Ixtapa (formerly Dorado Pacifico Hotel), Mexico, there is one service elevator which is very death-trap; very harsh start and stop, worn out fixtures, disgusting cab and broken call buttons. It even described as one of the worst elevators in the world. It was filmed by TheElevatorChannel in early 2010, 2011 and 2013.

Swissotel The Stamford (Singapore)

Formerly known as The Westin Stamford, this 72-floor hotel which was completed in 1986 has Otis high speed elevators serving 70 floors. It is also the tallest hotel in Singapore to this date. Many elevator filmers have filmed these express elevators which goes up to a restaurant on the 70th floor, these people were ElevationLowJJ, masterelevatordriver, Eiffel Vale., circleline28, Alexander Yap, TG97Elevators and NingSama. Beside the express elevators, there are also hotel elevators which have been filmed by mailerdiablo in 2009, TG97Elevators and NingSama in 2016.

As in 2016 all the elevators are being modernized into newer Otis elevators.

Tohka Saikan (Kyoto, Japan)

Westin St. Francis (San Fransisco, CA, United States)

Both the Historic and Pacific Towers have their elevators modernized into Otis Compass destination dispatch and have been filmed by several US elevator enthusiasts. The Pacific Tower's glass elevators are also featured in a scene of a classic movie The Towering Inferno.


1333 West Broadway (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

An office building located in Vancouver built in 1991, known for being the only filmed MTs in Vancouver and BC (prior to finding FortisBC Centre's service elevator) and for being an obsessed location and main mascot for BC'sVators. First filmed by local filmer Kira1106 in 2008 and again in 2010 and later filmed by BC'sVators and Vancity Elevators in 2018-2019. In late 2018, it was revealed that the famous elevators were being modernized by Kone and fortunately, the old MT parts were preserved and given to BC'sVators and Vancity Elevators. Even though the elevators were modernized, it remains as a popular elevator hotspot to film in Vancouver.

AIA Capital Center (Bangkok, Thailand)

Auckland Sky Tower (Auckland, New Zealand)

A truly captivating experience awaits visitors to Auckland's Sky Tower. At 328 meters, it is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand and offers breathtaking views for up to 80 kilometers in every direction. While no actual "Lift Filmer" has visited the tower before 2015, many videos from visiting tourists of it's unique GLASS FLOOR Schindler M-Series Elevators can be found on YouTube. The tower is the most Iconic in New Zealand and is very famous worldwide. In 2015 the elevators were modernized by Kone, with new buttons and motors being fitted. Fortunately, the Glass Floor still remains. The post-2015 Kone elevators have been filmed by NZ Lifts.

CentralPlaza Chaengwattana (Nonthaburi, Thailand)

In this mall located in Chaengwattana district, there are six Schindler Miconic 10 elevators which is famous for being mentioned in several Thai social network sites. These elevators were taken by NingSama, Tamovie1975, Oak TheElevator Hunter, Jessy Elevators, TleFlip, TRG and Powerbot Channel. MelvinMan10 was even joyriding the Miconic 10 elevators but didn't filmed it due to security reasons.

CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9 (Bangkok, Thailand)

In a mall located in Rama 9 district, there are five Schindler 7000 elevators with Miconic 10 which is famous for being the first destination dispatch elevators to be filmed by Thai elevator filmer, MelvinMan10, because it's very easy to film. Because of this, many local elevator filmers (and even American elevator filmer Snorkitty) have filmed them.

Galaxy Mall 2 (Surabaya, Indonesia)

The scenic elevators at Galaxy Mall 2 (also known as Galaxy Mall Extension) are famous in the elevator community due to they voiceovers sounds like children voice. All of them are Schindler 5400 AP MRL elevators. These elevators have been filmed by Eiffelhendrawan and Reza Tanaka.

Gama Tower (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Opened in 2016, the tallest building in Jakarta has Schindler elevators installed in the building. The tower itself is divided into two parts, an office tower and a hotel called The Westin Jakarta. The office tower has Schindler 7000 elevators fitted with the PORT technology. The hotel has two Schindler 7000 express elevators serving the ground floor, first floor and the skylobby, and three Schindler 5500 elevators serving the guestroom floors.

GMM Grammy Place (Bangkok, Thailand)

These eleven Schindler elevators that serving different zones are famous for being appeared in countless Thai videos and media (mostly GMM Grammy owned ones)[45]. Sadly, they're tightly guarded. The only known elevator filmer that filmed all of main elevators is NingSama.

Heathrow Airport (London, England, United Kingdom)

Heathrow Terminal 5 opened in 2008, complete with new Schindler 5400 Traction Elevators throughout. Despite being Schindler 5400, the elevators use Dewhurst fixtures. Some (but not all) of the elevators run automatically, without buttons inputs. Near the train station, the lifts are programmed to descend automatically whenever a train arrives at the platform. Beno, funcik1, revo8778 and others have all filmed these elevators.

The new Terminal 2 (also known as "The Queen's Terminal") was opened in 2014, and also has new Schindler Elevators. Most are 5400 MRL's with FI MXB fixtures. The Terminal 2 Carpark has Schindler 5500 MRL Elevators, with Linea 100 fixtures. The ALEX ELLIS Channel was first to film some of these lifts, but was only able to get into the internal ones. Beno filmed the Carpark elevators (and some others) in 2015.

Hopewell Centre (Hong Kong, China)

The elevator bank serving floors 17 and 56 with scenic cabs were first filmed by Vincent Chong[46] and the Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) for several local dramas (which was a first refurbishment from R-Series touch-sensitive fixtures to M-Line touch-sensitive fixtures with Shanghai STEP call buttons in 2003). These elevators were modernized in 2011, and since then, many local elevator photographers (and even only foreign photographer, TRG Lifts) were filmed these elevators after the modernization[47][48], even the view of the elevators were filmed from the tourists as those can directly taken a view of the Victoria Harbour.

IKEA Bangyai (Nonthaburi, Thailand)

In the largest IKEA store in Southeast Asia, there are several Schindler 2600 elevators with LCD indicator and Linea 100/300 buttons, which is the first time to be discovered by elevator filmers in the world. These elevators were filmed by Chayaphak Elevators, Oak TheElevator Hunter, NingSama, TRG, Jessy Elevators and Khup Elevators and Offtopic.

International Commerce Centre (Sky100 and Sky Dining 101) (Hong Kong)

The International Commerce Centre was completed in 2010 and has 108 floors. It is located in West Kowloon, and is a part of the Union Square project on top of Kowloon Station. It was the 4th tallest building in the world (third in Asia) when its construction was completed in 2010. As of June 2019, it is the world's 12th tallest building by height, world's ninth tallest building by number of floors, as well as the tallest building in Hong Kong and also the 6th tallest building within China. It's Elevators were made by Schindler with Schindler 7000 and feature PORT Technology. Some of the elevators are also double-deck, including the ones that go to the Sky100 Observation deck on the 100th Floor. These elevators were firstly filmed by Vincent Chong in 2011. Since then, many foreign either elevator photographers or non-elevator photographers filmed these elevators when they have a tour in Hong Kong.

JW Marriott (Washington DC, United States)

In the JW Marriott in Washington DC, there are six banks of passenger elevators which are Schindler Miconic 10 elevators. Originally they were Schindler Haughton elevators. These elevators are also famous for their glitchy controllers, such as directing people to the wrong elevators, elevators randomly got stuck for a few seconds and automated announcements are played too late (i.e. "Doors closing" voice is played when the car starts moving). These elevators were first filmed by dieselducy[49] and cober6711[50] in 2011. Since then, many elevator filmers have filmed these elevators.

King of Prussia Mall (King of Prussia, PA, United States)

Some of the 50+ elevators at the King of Prussia Mall are freight elevators. One of the freight elevators at the mall is infamous among the elevator community. It has been deemed the "Annoying Freight Elevator." This elevator was popularized by DieselDucy in 2009 during his visit to the mall, after taking two different videos of it. When Andrew discovered this elevator and some of it's unique features (a non-functional Door Close Button, a secondary alarm bell that rings for roughly 20 seconds while the doors close, a strobe light inside the cab that flashes as the bell rings, and a loudspeaker also inside the cab that announces "Please Allow the Doors to Close" just as the bell starts to ring), he deemed it annoying. This elevator was popularized more by Dan Allen (Dea41396returns) when he got stuck in it on the day that Andrew coincidentally filmed it. The bell was removed in 2011, as discovered by Owenhinton, and the voice was deactivated in between 2011 and 2018, as discovered by sepaelevs and Mattyice0812. The elevator is located in the Pavilion section's loading dock, was installed by either Westinghouse or Otis in 1981, and was modernized by Schindler in 2001.

London Olympic Park (London, England, United Kingdom)

Schindler provided many of the lifts at various walkways and building at the London Olympic Park, for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Schindler MRL's can be found in the Main Stadium, Swimming Pool, Velodrome and around the outside grounds. These elevators are all Schindler 5400 and feature either FI-MXB or Dewhurst US97-EN Weatherproof buttons.

Market Square Walkway (Roanoke, VA, United States)

At the street end of the Market square Walkway in Roanoke, VA, there is a Schindler MT scenic elevator that takes people to and from the street level up to the walkway. It was first filmed in 2008 by Dieselducy and became popular after numerous views/revisits and as a result, it has become common for elevator enthusiasts meeting up with dieselducy to film it.

Menara BCA (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Menara BCA is an office tower located in Jakarta, Indonesia and consists of 56 floors divided into three zones: 6 low zone elevators serving G to 27, 5 mid zone elevators serving G, 3 and 28 to 40, and 7 high zone elevators serving G, 3 and 41 to 56 (only three of the seven elevators serve floor 56). The elevators here are Schindler Miconic 10. Sadly, they are turnstiled. The elevators here were made famous first by sumosoftinc in March 2012. Then on August 25, 2012, amarvasandani went there and filmed from the highest floor (56) there (note: floor 56 is a rooftop restaurant and bar floor hence it is public). Then this elevator is famous with many retakes by amarvasandani and TG97Elevators

One Island East (Hong Kong, China)

For the Otis double-deck elevators in the same building, see the same building in Otis section.

A 70-storey building completed in 2008. Which equipped with Schindler 7000s in the local zone and the service elevators. As the local zone equipped with Miconic 10, several local elevator photographers (and even Thai elevator filmer NingSama[51]) were filmed these elevators[52][53][54]. However, the service elevators vief86mo and Lift Wong (one of the two) was filmed[55] [56].

Orchard Central (Singapore)

Orchard Central, which is currently the tallest shopping center in Singapore has twelve main elevators serving 13 floors (B2 to 11) and two elevators serving the car park on the upper floors. The main elevators are divided into two zones; a set of six serves all floors and another set of six only stops at B2, 1, 4, 7, 9 and 11 (express zone). All of these are full glass MRL elevators installed by Schindler. Due to their glass cab design which allows people to see the elevator shaft directly above the car, these elevators, especially the twelve main elevators are famous and have been filmed several times by many Singaporean elevator filmers (and even some of the international elevator filmers such as Sumosoftinc, Eiffel Vale, IDLift3000 John Elevator and NingSama) since mailerdiablo first filmed the express zone elevators in mid 2009. Today, they are considered a landmark and a must visit for elevator filmers when visiting Orchard Road.

Park Ventures Ecoplex (Bangkok, Thailand)

The office buildings with LEED Platinum Certified is well known in Thailand Elevator Community to be the building that has the first Schindler PORT in Thailand and the only office building in Thailand to be overfilmed by NingSama with unknown reasons. She has filmed from 2014 to present. MelvinMan10, G T2KJS and TRG was also filmed but they have filmed only carpark elevators due to security reasons..


Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

The formerly tallest building in Thailand has many high-rise elevators including scenic observation deck shuttle elevator from ground floor to 77th floor, which is the tallest high speed scenic elevator in Thailand. These elevators were filmed by MelvinMan10 (Hotel elevators only), NingSama (All elevators) Star Asia Elevator (Hotel low zone elevators only), Powerbot Channel (Scenic observation deck shuttle elevator only), hns 30206 (Hotel high zone elevators only), Oak TheElevator Hunter (All elevators except hotel low zone), TRG (All elevators) and G T2KJS (All elevators except hotel low zone) and countless non-elevator filmers, both local and foreigners.

Mall Taman Anggrek (Jakarta, Indonesia)

In the atrium of Mall Taman Anggrek in Jakarta, Indonesia, there are six Sigma scenic elevators installed in 2011. Originally they were two large LG scenic elevators installed in 1996, and have been filmed by two elevator filmers in 2010; Ray Krislianggi[57] and amrsatrio. After the new elevators were completed in 2011, sumosoftinc films them in late 2011. Since then, these elevators have been filmed by several Indonesian elevator filmers many times, making them one of the most overfilmed elevators in the community as well as Indonesia.

Pakuwon Indah Supermall (Surabaya, Indonesia)

In the atrium of Pakuwon Indah Supermall, Surabaya, there are two Sigma elevators installed in 2001. These elevator are famous with their lighting colored blue and the epic fail on the floor indicator that displays "A" when the elevator stops at R level. Reza Tanaka's first elevator video was recorded on these elevators on 2011. These elevators have been filmed by Reza Tanaka from 2011 to 2013.

W Retreat Bali (Bali, Indonesia)

This hotel has six Sigma elevators and are famous for having a bit unique automated female voices which says "Thank you" just after it says the floor (e.g. "5th floor, thank you"). Only five of the elevators have voices; three are the guest elevators and two are the service elevators. These elevators have been filmed multiple times by IDLift3000 from 2011 to 2013. These are also IDLift3000's first ever elevators with automated voices filmed in Bali. At this moment he doesn't have plans to film these elevators again.

Galaxy Mall 1, Surabaya

Just same case as W Retreat Bali. However, not just elevator enthusiast, those voiceovers also famous among persons who live in Surabaya. A (now hiatus) elevator filmer from Surabaya has found his college's friend has an Instagram account which has Instagram ID name based on the voiceovers of the mall's main glass elevators.


Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education, UNM (Albuquerque, NM, United States)

One of elevators in the Domenici Center for Health Sciences Education on the University of New Mexico north campus is known for being the first ThyssenKrupp ISIS elevator ever to be filmed by anyone in the elevator community after CubsRule2040 filmed it April 2009; both elevators were revisited by CubsRule2040 several times from 2009 until 2014. These elevators are also known due to the fact that the ISIS had a terrible reputation.

Viceroy Residences (Miami, FL, United States)

The high rise elevator in the Viceroy Residences in Miami is known in the elevator community for holding the Dover buzz world record from 2009 until late 2010 after it was filmed by musicfreakcc in July 2009.

CentralPlaza WestGate (Nonthaburi, Thailand)

Elevators in this retail building are famous for being filmed by Oak TheElevator Hunter so many retakes. (It used to have the most elevator retaken in Thailand until the record was broken by Bangkok Christian Hospital Nakhon Pathom by Chayaphak Elevators.) Then NingSama, Jessy Elevators, Tamovie1975, TRG, Chayaphak Elevators and Khup Elevators and Offtopic made them even more famous by filmed them. This place is also famous in Thailand Elevator Community for being the place that has the most elevator meetup happened in Thailand. (5 times)

One World Trade Center (New York City, NY, United States)

This elevator is now known for it's animated history of New York City, just installed, this elevator has been on several news channels and has been filmed by Andrew Reams, Dieselducy. Going up, a year counter appears and the animation screens show the car coming out of the ground. Rising up you see plains, then a very old type of town, eventually, skyscrapers are built. Briefly, you can see one of the original World Trade Center Twin Towers (elevators were installed by Otis[58]) appear, than disappear. After this, it returns into the shaft with the building being built around them. Going down, the elevator's animation screens show the car circiling the building. Eventually, returning to the shaft.


Nina Tower (Hong Kong, China)

One of the tallest buildings in Tsuen Wan, this complex has a 77 stories hotel tower called L' Nina Hotel which has high speed Toshiba elevators. The first elevator enthusiast who filmed the elevators in this tower was cbtf3student (Chris Cheung), in which he filmed the express elevators from the ground floor up to the 41st floor in 2010. Later, Vincent Chong filmed these elevators as well in around late 2010. In 2012, Sumosoftinc filmed the express, hotel, and shopping mall elevators, because he stayed there during his holiday in Hong Kong and he is the first foreign elevator enthusiast who filmed the elevators.

Taipei 101 (Taipei, Taiwan)

The Taipei 101 already famous when it built and it was the world fastest elevators (associated with Kone high-rise technology) certified by Guinness World Records (about 17m/s, before the Otis double-deck elevators built in Burj Khalifa in Dubai and Mitsubishi elevators built in Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China succeed with them)[59][60]. Most of the elevator photographers wish to film it if they in Taipei. The elevators served in level B1, 5, 88 and 89 were attract some elevator photographers[61] (including hkelev.com[62][63]) and non-elevator photographers[64] filmed these.

Tokyo Skytree (Tokyo, Japan)

This second tallest structure in the world has four large and ultra high speed elevators installed by Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corp. According to Toshiba's website, these elevators runs at speed of 10 m/s and only takes 50 seconds to reach the top from buttom or vice versa. Many Japanese elevator filmers and non-elevator filmers have filmed these elevators, and in December 2012, IDLift3000 have filmed two elevators serving between the entrance and Tembo Deck[65], making him the first foreign elevator filmer to have filmed the elevators inside Tokyo Skytree. Later, more foreign elevator filmers such as Eiffel Vale[66], mailerdiablo[67] and NingSama[68][69] have filmed them.

World Trade Centre (Hong Kong, China)

The Toshiba first two sets (two elevators in one set) of double-deck elevators at World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong which replaced from the original Schindler single deck elevators when landlord expand the shopping centre in 2008. Hence, hkelev.com updated its webpage[21][70] and many local elevator photographers (and also Thai elevator filmer NingSama[71]) were filmed these elevators after the replacement[72][73]. However, no one was filmed these original Schindler single deck elevators before the replacement.


Covent Garden Underground Station (London, England, UK)

A truly awesome set of classic 70's lifts that have been popular with elevator filmers worldwide! Many filmers, such as, The ALEX ELLIS Channel, Jimwoodward1212, Joshua Leuty, Anjasomc, Beno and many others have all filmed these lifts. Sadly, these lifts are being replaced with Accord (Generic) lifts, and are to never been filmed again. They were filmed for the last time by The ALEX ELLIS Channel, on December 19th, 2014.


Campbell Court (Roanoke, VA, United States)

The elevator here became famous when dieselducy was harassed by the Roanoke police after he attempted to film it in late 2009[74]. In early 2010, however, he gained permission to film this elevator after the building manager voided the trespassing order. Thus he revisits this elevator a lot and has done so in many of his meetups with other elevator enthusiasts.

Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA, United States)

The elevators in the Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh. The high-speed elevators are Westinghouse with Selectomatic Mark IV controllers. The elevator photographers will film these elevators from ground or 1 to 36 and popularized by both patricknedz and DieselDucy.

The high-speed elevator banks in this building were being modernized by Otis between 2014 and 2016 and equipped with CompassPlus[75], while the shuttle elevator served between floors 36 to 40 in this building also replaced by Otis with Otis Gen2[76].

Hilton (Atlanta, GA, United States)

The outdoor scenic elevators at this hotel are extremely iconic to the elevator community, since these were the first elevators in history known to be filmed for hobby-related purposes. This is because when dieselducy, founder of the YouTube elevator community, went to Atlanta in June of 1993 to film his first elevator videos, these were actually the first elevators he recorded, despite the fact that he mainly came to Atlanta for the Marriott Marquis. The indoor scenic elevators are extremely popular as well, as he also filmed them on the same day right after filming the outdoor elevators. Since he and musicfreakcc popularized these elevators by filming and uploading them to YouTube in 2007, countless elevator filmers have filmed these elevators.

Metro Tower (Lubbock, TX, United States)

The Vintage 1955 Westinghouse Selectomatic elevator system at the Metro Tower was filmed several times by elevatortimes and then by dieselducy. It was famous for its glitchy controller, such as cars moving to the uppermost or lowermost floor without any buttons being pressed and the doors closing obnoxiously quickly. According to elevator records, however, these elevators were sadly modernized in 2014 by Schindler, although no one has filmed the elevators since the mod.

New York Marriott Marquis (New York City, NY, United States)

The elevators in the New York Marriott Marquis which in the Times Square, New York City are not well known until it modernized by Schindler with Miconic 10 destination dispatch in 2005, are being famous in the elevator community due to their bugged controllers like directing people to the wrong elevator, elevators randomly stopping on floors, etc. These elevators were first filmed by Georgef551 in 2011 and have been filmed by many other elevator filmers since, making them some of the most over filmed elevators in the community. Also, it has been revealed that some of the elevators serve a locked off 49th floor, although 3 Train Transit is the only one to have filmed this so far.

San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter (San Antonio, TX, United States)

Westport Plaza (Maryland Heights, MO, United States)

Dieselducy's 2003 Sony DSC-P20 take of the Westinghouse scenic elevator that travels up the facade of 111 Westport to the restaurants atop the 12 story office building was the first hobby-based elevator video to be uploaded to YouTube. The video was uploaded on October 19, 2006 and has no sound and low camera quality. Despite this elevator's significance to the elevator community, it hasn't been filmed many times since the elevator is turned off a lot more often than it used to be due to HVAC issues and claims by technicians that it is broken. Thus only several elevator enthusiasts have been lucky enough to catch it running again. TheElevatorChannel was the first to successfully re-film it in 2010 and a few times again in February 2012 with dieselducy (Andrew also took a couple solo takes) but ever since then no elevator enthusiasts have ever found it to be turned on again.

Willis Tower (Chicago, IL, United States)

The Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) was already famous when it built. Musicfreakcc, one of the first elevator photographers, filmed the Skydeck elevators (one of the two)[77], the world's most viewed elevator video (later replaced by dieselducy with one of the Otis elevator video in 2015). Since he popularized these elevators by filming and uploading them to YouTube in 2008 and that YouTube sometimes recommends this video in any page related to this building, many non-elevator filmers have filmed the ride on these elevators. The video inside the elevators were changed when the building was renamed the Willis Tower in 2009[78].

All the elevators will be replaced by Otis which beginning at June, 2018[79][80][81].


Elmwood Park Garage (Roanoke, VA, United States)

The U.S. scenic elevator at the Elmwood Parking Garage was first filmed by dieselducy in 2008 and has revisited it numerous times ever since, especially due to the fact that its controller would sometimes get confused as to which floor the elevator is at, thus causing the elevator to behave in weird manners. However, the most notable glitch that's still prevalent is the fact that whenever there are no floors selected, the elevator will "park" on floor 2. This elevator has almost always been filmed by every elevator enthusiast visiting Roanoke to see dieselducy.

The elevator in this building has been modernized by ThyssenKrupp Elevator America in 2015.[39]

Lynchburg Public Elevator (Lynchburg, VA, United States)

The Lynchburg Public Elevator, the U.S. scenic elevator that takes people up and down the slope between Church and Court St in Downtown Lynchburg, VA, has been ridden by dieselducy a lot throughout his life and since filming and uploading it to YouTube many times, it has become widely known throughout the elevator community. Several elevator enthusiasts who went to Virginia to meet up with dieselducy have visited Lynchburg to ride this elevator on their trips. It is also known for formerly having U.S. Traditional Vandal Resistant fixtures, a fixture line rarely seen today, despite being modernized with GAL buttons sometime after 2001 but before 2007.

Generic elevators

Church Avenue Garage (Roanoke, VA, United States)

The elevators here are widely recognized throughout the elevator community as the location where the first episode of the Dieselducy show was filmed back in 2007. This episode is titled "DieselDucy Rides an elevator" and portrays dieselducy's (as a real live train engine) first experience riding an elevator, learning how to operate it, etc. Ever since then, this elevator has been filmed by many elevator filmers meeting Andrew in Roanoke and it is often nicknamed "The DieselDucy Show" elevator.

Kelapa Gading Hypermall (Jakarta, Indonesia)

In this mall, there is one glass elevator that has been modded by a generic company named KONIE, which is similar to the more well known elevator company KONE. Originally it was installed by Hyundai in 1990s (the other one beside it is still original as of today). As of today, this glass elevator may considered to be landmark which must be avoided by some elevator enthusiast if they're visiting Kelapa Gading area and didn't want to laugh, due to the similarity of this generic brand with one of the Big-5 major brands.

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