mailerdiablo is a Malaysian-born elevator filmer from Singapore. He is well known for filming the most number of HDB elevators in Singapore.


mailerdiablo opened his YouTube channel on March 13, 2009, with his first video uploaded was a SBS Transit Express Bus 506 video in 2009[1]. His first elevator video uploaded was a Schindler glass elevator at Orchard Central, Singapore[2], which was also uploaded at the same year.


  • Other than being an elevator enthusiast, he is also a train and bus enthusiast.
  • His current YouTube channel name is
  • His channel is one of the largest and most comprehensive collection of transportation videos channel in South-East Asia.
  • His channel is also the largest elevator channel in Singapore.
  • His first HDB elevator video was an old Hitachi elevator in Blk. 76 Commonwealth HDB, Singapore.[3]
  • He has filmed elevators, trains and buses in Malaysia, Australia, and Hong Kong.
    • He also filmed trains in the London, United Kingdom and Zhengzhou, Henan, People's Republic of China
  • Unlike most elevator filmers, he didn't show his hands while pressing the buttons, and he always standing on one of the corners of the elevator cab and simply films the inner doors, floor indicator and floor buttons. When he pressed the floor button, he points the camera down to the door sills.
  • He has an account of the same username on both Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

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