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mrmattandmrchay is a lift/elevator filmer from London, United Kingdom.


Before opening his YouTube channel

Matt has been interested in lifts since he was a young child, when his grandmother would take him round the lifts in Bracknell town center. Secretly he was afraid of elevators, but there was something that makes him liked and interested in elevators.

Opening his YouTube channel

Matt opened his YouTube channel "mrmattandmrchay" on September 7, 2008, and on the same date he uploaded his first elevator video which was an elevator recorded in Ramsgate Beach. On 16 September, 2008, he uploaded his first lift tour videos which took place in Bracknell town centre, UK. Since then, he has done several lift tours from various towns in UK. Because of increasing lift modernisation and old elevators are now becoming rare, he only film lifts that are old, rare, or modern ones that have characters (for example; Mitsubishi lifts).

Recently, he did few videos of exploring abandoned buildings with derelict lifts.

Camera history

  • HTC 710 mobile phone
  • Sony Ericsson X1 mobile phone (2009)
  • Fujifilm Z5
  • Sony DSC-W350 camera (with 20X Optical Zoom)
  • Innovv C2 dashcam (2015-2016)
  • Gitup Git2 (2017-present)


  • He is interested in old lifts with old logic and fixtures instead of modern or modernized lifts unless they have some characters (except modern Mitsubishi lifts).
  • He has several lift motor room videos filmed in different locations.
  • He has filmed lifts in Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines.
  • He is also develops an lifts simulator program called "LiftSim"[1].
  • Some of his videos were completed along with other lift enthusiasts:
    • Rizz Briff (TheRizzBriff)[2], another lift engineer who was also have his own channel.
    • harrihealey02 (formerly RatedParental)[3], another lift enthusiast who have since started a new channel.
  • He also produce some videos uploaded on harrihealey02's channel[4].
  • He also has interests in many other thing, most infamous is probably his interests in the Broadmoor Hospital Escape Sirens, and Vintage PIR controllers.
  • He has done several lift tours in the following towns:
    • Bracknell[5]
    • Reading
    • Sutton
    • Leeds
    • Stevenage
    • Berkshire
    • Harlow
    • Bedford
  • In 2015, he joined with urban explorer mrphill100 to explore the inside of Lancaster (Forton) Service's Pennine Tower with permission. While mrphill100 mostly did an exploration video inside the tower, Matt did a video of the lifts, goods lift, the abandoned dumbwaiters, and the lift motor room.

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