PiccioneR1 is an elevator filmer from Colorado Springs, CO.


He started filming elevators in August of 2013. His first elevator videos were filmed at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colorado. In September of 2013, he moved to Colorado Springs. He currently films elevators throughout Colorado Springs. 


  • He films food reviews, karaoke videos, parades, and other assorted videos under the username RobbieP2. 
  • He is very fond of "Rockin' the Gauntlet" videos and he films his videos in that style whenever possible. 
  • He dedicates each of his videos to several elevator enthusiasts, including MMTfan1, DieselDucy, CubsRule2040, Georgef551, JimLiElevators, and TJElevatorfan. Sometimes, he'll dedicate a video to a single user, usually DieselDucy

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