SchindlerHaughton, also know by his real name Dan Hood, is a Long Island based elevator filmer and friend of Ih8escalators. Other interests outside of elevators are dead mall tours and reverse vending machines.  He has been filming elevators since 2009 but with two accounts.  Dan launched his first account "lielevators" on February 21, 2009. Because of a false copyright strike by Warner Media Group, he transferred from "lielevators" to "SchindlerHaughton" on January 29, 2010.

Video Subjects

Elevators & Dead Malls

Two of the main focalpoints of Dan's videos are dead malls and elevators. He has kept the YouTube world up to date on popular dead mall "The Mall At The Source" with friend Ih8escalators, whom he pokes fun at with other elevator filmers in several of his videos.

Other Interests

Some of his hobbies outside of elevators include malls and music.

Current Status

Dan has not posted anything on his channel since May 22, 2015. It is unknown if he still films or not. However, he is still featured as a special guest in some videos.


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