Jeff in Market square schindler
thewildeeper (known by his real name Jeff) is an elevator filmer from Blacksburg VA, United States.


Jeff opened his YouTube account "thewildeeper" on September 11, 2009 but it wasn't until two and half years later in April 2012 that he started filming elevators.  He began filming elevators when he met dieselducy, and they together filmed on the Virginia Tech campus.  In July 2012, he filmed some elevators in St. Louis and the elevators at the Gateway Arch with TheElevatorChannel.  Also he was in Roanoke twice, filming with dieselducy each time. In July 2013, he filmed 3 elevators in Costa Rica, and a month later he filmed some elevators with 22408aaron and TheLilRubix1 in Richmond, VA.


  • He is the only elevator filmer that ever filmed an elevator in Costa Rica.
  • His channel is one of the fastest growing elevator channels in the community.
  • He sometimes films at the Washington Metro.
  • He often film elevators with Dieselducy.
  • He recently graduated Virginia Tech and is currently seeking employment

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